B L U E C O L L E C T I O N / S P R I N G S U MM E R 2 0 2 0 intro The old saying reads “It is better to give than to receive”, and its truth is confirmed by socio-psychological studies and theories. Also for business gifts what works is not only the popular “reciprocity rule” based on the need to return a favour, but also an ordinary, human altruism, meaning a pleasure of giving gifts. Please yourself and make the other person smile. Humans do different things out of love. We prepare a new gift catalogue every six months. A lthough love is blind, we keep a close eye on the new products introduced into our offer. We try to ensure every collection is a mix of choices made by heart and based on mind’s suggestions. We believe the catalogue you have in your hands will help you choose a perfect gift for a person you want to give it to. Gifts have a long tradition of many thousand years. We, people, are social beings who like company and often use smaller or greater gifts to express their feelings. No matter whether this is an expression of true love, appreciation of a well-done job or simply showing gratitude that somebody is our friend, gifts are deeply engrained in our DNA. WE LOVE GIFTS