008-017 018-033 096-161 216-255 280-317 336-366 034-095 162-215 256-279 318-335 INDEX Because of the limitation of printing technology, colours of each product can slightly differ from the colours presented on the photographs. The measurements are approximate and cannot be the reason to complain. The manufacturer can change technical parameters of the products and is not responsible for possible printing mistakes. According to Civil Code catalogue is not the offer. All the data enclosed in that catalogue are valid in the month of its printing (August 2020). WORK AND OFFICE NOTEBOOKS / STICKY NOTEBOOK / FOLDERS / WALLETS / CARD HOLDERS / GIFT SETS / OFFICE ACCESSORIES STATIONERY PENS / BALL PENS / ROLLERBALL PENS / WRITING SETS / TOUCH PENS / PENCILS / CRAYONS / PEN BOXES FOOD AND DRINK TOOLS AND REFLECTIVES MULTIFUNCTION TOOLS / TOOL SETS / POCKET KNIVES / MEASURING TAPES / TORCHES / REFLECTIVE VESTS / REFLECTIVE HANGERS / SPORT AND LEISURE SPORTS AND BEACH ARTICLES / TRAVEL SETS / GAME SETS BAGS AND UMBRELLAS The offer shown in the catalogue is valid between 1.09.2020 and 31.01.2021 A selection of products made from natural materials such as bamboo, cork and wood. The FSC Mix certificate is an assurance that our catalogue has been printed on paper produced with at least 70% of raw material from certified or recycled forest resources and 30% from controlled resources. Closer to NATURE ELECTRONICS POWERBANKS / CLOCKS / WEATHER STATIONS / PHONE ACCESSORIES /INDUCTION CHARGERS / BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS / CABLES / CAR CHARGERS / VR GOGGLES / USB FLASH DRIVES CHRISTMAS OFFER CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS / ADVENT CALENDARS / GIFT BAGS TRAVEL MUGS / VACUUM FLASKS / BOTTLES / FOOD CONTAINERS / KITCHEN ACCESSORIES / HIP FLASKS / WINE SETS / PICNIC KITS / BARBECUE KITS SHOPPING BAGS / BACKPACKS / LAPTOP BAGS / DOCUMENT BAGS / MAKE-UP BAGS / UMBRELLAS KEYCHAINS KEYRINGS / BAG HANGERS / SKI PASSES /